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Windsurfing Lessons

NO Windsurfing Lessons/Rentals in the Okanagan. Try Windsure in Vancouver.

EASY to plan: pick your lesson, plan and confirm your dates by phone or email. EASY to learn: Windsurfing has changed it's shape for the 21st Century! New wide-style windsurfing boards and lighter, easy to handle sails make learning faster and a whole lot of fun. And with a maximum of 2 participants per Instructor, everyone gets the attention they need to succeed.

N/A Start Windsurfing (3Hr.)

A very popular lesson plan. Learn in 60 minutes starting with the sail simulator, progressing to the board, and then combining your new skills to sail both ways. Includes all equipment, and an additional 2 hours of instructional time to reinforce skills and learn tacks and jibes. $150 (3 Hours)

N/A Start Windsurfing Package (6Hr.)

Want more time and expertise? Try the Start Windsurfing Package: 6 hours of instruction split into two days gives you the skills necessary for intermediate windsurfing. Includes beach starts and harness use. $250 (6 Hours).

N/A Start Windsurfing Mini (2Hr.)

Or, want it fast and compact? Try the Mini Start, 2 action packed hours to get you seriously STARTed. $120 (2 Hours). SAVE 10% Pay Online

To see the locations for the lessons, check out the Locations page...
Kiteboarding Lessons:

Lessons by appointment only.

The introductory land-based kite lesson is designed to introduce you to the sport of kiteboarding and enable you to take full advantage of water based lessons at a recognized kite destination. Learning in kelowna is not recommended due to the lack of beginner friendly beach access, consistent wind and no available water based instruction. Get grounded! Get Safe! This is THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON of your kiteboarding career. Ground school includes theory, weather, equipment, safe setup and safe launch/land practices for kiteboarding BEFORE you get water lessons or launch a kite. Trainer kites will be flown weather permitting. $180 3hrs

To see the locations for the lessons, check out the Locations page...

Windstar Recreation is the Central Okanagan's source for the followning brands:



Standup Paddle Boards


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